October 29, 2006

Project OrangeBox

As you may have noticed i'm quite slow posting to this blog, it's been a busy time, but this too nice to not blog about it (Copy&paste follows, I said i'm quite busy ;):

If you thought that project Blackbox is cool and solves datacenter issues with incredible price-performance, eco-responsibility, space requirements, extreme mobility, quick setup, and so on, forget about it. You need to check out project Orangebox, which is the top innovation from Sun.

Project Orangebox is even more eco-responsible, needs less space (unless you give it too much water) and the other factors are also stunning.

The world's first virtualized pumpkin!

I would like to thank to Achut Reddy for prolonging my life with a good laughter this morning.
And I would like to thank Roumen for the same. Back to work

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