April 17, 2008

Back from dead, but not here

It's been a veeeeery long time since my last post on this blog. I've wanted to get back to it at least once a week since then, but haven't done anything about it until today.

This morning I decided to start back writing things, but with a little couple of changes:

The first one is that i'm now officially moving to this blog to a new hosted service that's looking better for moments, wordpress.com. I had already registered with them a long time ago, but back then there was no easy way to import posts from outside wordpress, which would have involved forgetting all my old posts and starting over in a blanket. Thankfully that changed since then and now it's as easy as a three click work to import posts from blogger into wordpress, very cool as it will also let me merge posts from another blog I had, and have all my (uninteresting) bloging history together.

The second change is that as I seem to be a bit lazy writing posts in english lately, from now on I will start writing some posts (maybe all, who knows) in spanish, my home lang. This way I hope to be a little more productive and keep the blog more updated.

So, I hope to see you (if any) at my new home in wordpress: http://opsi.wordpress.com

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