April 17, 2008

Back from dead, but not here

It's been a veeeeery long time since my last post on this blog. I've wanted to get back to it at least once a week since then, but haven't done anything about it until today.

This morning I decided to start back writing things, but with a little couple of changes:

The first one is that i'm now officially moving to this blog to a new hosted service that's looking better for moments, wordpress.com. I had already registered with them a long time ago, but back then there was no easy way to import posts from outside wordpress, which would have involved forgetting all my old posts and starting over in a blanket. Thankfully that changed since then and now it's as easy as a three click work to import posts from blogger into wordpress, very cool as it will also let me merge posts from another blog I had, and have all my (uninteresting) bloging history together.

The second change is that as I seem to be a bit lazy writing posts in english lately, from now on I will start writing some posts (maybe all, who knows) in spanish, my home lang. This way I hope to be a little more productive and keep the blog more updated.

So, I hope to see you (if any) at my new home in wordpress: http://opsi.wordpress.com

June 05, 2007

Journey of Mankind

Here is a nice educational tool for all ages. The Bradshaw Foundation , an archeological web site, has set up a nice animation that tracks human kind expansion, from 160.000 to 8.000 years ago:

They base their tracking on the analysis of Mitochondrial DNA for men, and of the Y Chromosome for women, found on human fossils all around the globe, and on Radio Carbon dating of them.

June 04, 2007

Captcha for educated people

You'll need a bit of math to register in that russian (or near) web:

but it's not that hard, just remember that -1 ≤ sin(x) ≤ 1 ...

through Microsiervos

May 28, 2007

Have you got five minutes?

Then don't miss the oportunity of reading Linus on kernel management style (spanish version), a funny 2004 paper written by Linus Torvalds in person. As an example of the serious and academic writting you'll find there:

First off, I'd suggest buying "Seven Habits of Highly Successful

People", and NOT read it. Burn it, it's a great symbolic gesture.

Linus Torvalds

May 17, 2007

When the money isn't the problem...

"One challenge was being able to regularly search through all of the additional content types to find relevant results. After all, you don't know if there might be a minor news story or an obscure book relevant to your query unless you go and check. But Google's massive compute cluster -- and much effort by our infrastructure experts -- gave us a leg up on that one, and we can now search these disparate types of information about as efficiently as we search our massive index of web pages. We may have melted down a data center or two along the way, but then bugs are part of life in this business!"

Google Official Blog, Behind the scenes with universal search
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